Mistletoe Magic – Robyn Hulley

3 May - 31 May 2024

Robyn Hulley is a botanical illustrator and an art teacher at the Albury Wodonga Border Cancer Centre. Robyn has been teaching art in the Albury Wodonga community for the past 16 years through both local community centres and the AWA Learning Centre.


Over the past few years, Robyn has been teaching art to two groups of cancer patients at the AWBCC.  Robyn herself, was diagnosed with Stage 4 lung cancer in early 2022 and has now been cancer free for 2 years and teaching these classes is a way of giving back.


This exhibition is to provide an opportunity for the general public to enjoy and purchase the original plates from a book “Mistletoes of South Australia” that was authored by Professor Dave Watson and illustrated by Robyn.  For those wishing to view something different, but still Mistletoe focused, Robyn has produced a variety of work in different mediums.  The book may be purchased from CSIRO Publishing online.