About Us

Art Partners Australia

is an Albury-based art consultancy which supplies and curates artwork  to domestic and commercial spaces in order to inspire, engage and enhance environments. Art Partners Australia are unique as they only work with artworks created by artists living in Australia.


This business philosophy enables its founder, Jacinta Mirams, to meet with the artist and commission appropriate artworks to meet the client’s needs. The process means consultation with the CEO/Executive Team/Client to ensure consistency within the project. All artworks are purchased unframed and Art Partners Australia then design and frame the works to meet the client’s needs. The next step is to deliver the works on site, curate the collection and install it.


The business not only caters for large corporate organisations but can provide contemporary original artworks for small commercial businesses including accountancy and financial planning groups, legal and medical practitioners, hotels, motor dealerships and private homes.

Image credit : Bordercafe.com.au

From the client’s point of view, it’s a straightforward process. They deal directly with Art Partners Australia who manages the entire process, and this means the client only needs to make one call.

Over the past 20 years, Jacinta has worked closely with many artists and institutions and developed a strong network of people who either work in the arts industry or who share her passion for the visual arts. She has traveled through Australia, Europe,  Asia, and South America to extend her knowledge and understanding of the art world.

Jacinta has an established commercial gallery at 488 David Street, Albury, to showcase artworks to potential clients. Visits can be arranged by calling her on 0417 229 658 to make an appointment.

Our Story

Designing contemporary spaces is not about putting pictures up on walls or filling empty spaces. It is about creating environments that connect with people and encourage them to explore an image or an idea. This is Jacinta Mirams’ philosophy and the inspiration of Art Partners Australia.


Growing up in the Western District of Victoria, Jacinta spent her childhood playing with her mother’s box brownie and at an early age became passionate about the Australian landscape. At the same time, she became fascinated with photography and visual arts. Particularly inspired through traveling in Australia and overseas her love affair with the visual arts grew into an ambition to join it and where her interest in building a business enterprise in the art world was born.


Driven by her passion and curiosity, Jacinta undertook a three-year visual arts course and undertook subsequent training. While working with the Albury Library and Museum and the Albury Art Gallery – now the Murray Art Museum Albury (MAMA) – she studied conservation photography, was museum trained specialising in textiles, object handling, conservation, and exhibition curation, and even worked as a picture framer for five years with Albury picture framers.


In 2013 – 2018 Jacinta became a member of the philanthropic committee, Arts Albury, that raised $1.3 million for the redevelopment of MAMA. She has been a member of the MAMA Arts Advisory Committee since 2015 and was president of the Members of the MAMA between 2013 and 2016.


By 2016, Jacinta had gained the experience and developed the network and skills which would enable her to take the plunge and register her own business, Art Partners Australia. In their first six months, Art Partners Australia supplied  38 artworks for the new Ramsay Health facility, the Albury Wodonga Regional Cancer Centre.

“I was commissioned to provide a wide range of artworks for the facility – works that would enhance the new building and positively engage the staff, patients, their families and visitors,” says Jacinta.


Commissioned in October 2017, Jacinta’s next big project was to supply  300 artworks to a major new hospital in Sydney. Her next project involved cataloging 1,200 existing works in two hospitals. Jacinta inspected and photographed each work, providing a condition report and recommendation on what works to keep and what works to reframe.


This business now has the basis for an extraordinary collection of artworks by Australian artists. We have catalogued the collection to provide sound provenance for the artworks.”


It was very rewarding finding some great art on the walls, that once restored, reframed and curated will bring many more years of joy”


We look forward to assisting you with all your art needs.