Coast –┬áJules Boag

November 2023 - December 2023

In this exhibition, artist Jules Boag explores locations along the New South Wales and Queensland Coast and the viewer is invited to explore the unique seascapes and abstract patterns that are offered and reflect upon the dynamic relationship between humans and the natural world.


In some ways the drone has a unique relationship to the artist because they are both present and absent simultaneously. They are there, at that location, on that day. They feel the light of the sun, the breeze in the air, the smell of the surf, but their experience is essentially virtual.


However, technology has revolutionised the way we perceive our world, enabling insight into topography and contextualising it into new, and somewhat unfamiliar patterns.


The aerial viewpoint offers us a fresh look at landscapes, revealing intricate patterns, sublime textures, and intricate details that might otherwise escape the notice of a terrestrial observer.