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Juju Roche

6 March to 31 March 2020 exhibition

Salt Of The Earth is an extension of Juju Roche’s recent solo exhibition, which investigated the natural world and the tension around how people experience and respond to it.

Juju explores and experiments by leaving large scale paintings exposed to the wind, sun and rain; both the canvas and medium are left vulnerable to the natural environment. After the intrusion of mist, rain, sunlight and debris the residual forms become imprinted on the canvases and they retain the physical qualities of the environment.

Some of the fear and anxiety from the recent bush fires has transferred itself into this body of work. However, this series, Salt Of The Earth, also celebrates the goodwill and fierce generosity of the Aussie folk. It recognizes the selfless, gritty labour of the men and women who are out there 
physically helping rebuild communities.

Photography by: Tayla Martin
Painting by: Juju Roche                 
Power to You , 2020
1000mm x 1200mm
Oil, mixed media on canvas

A walk through of works by Juju Roach