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Christine Upton

“Inspired by Life” in Gallery 1

August 2020

Inspired by Life is a selection of works from Upton’s journeys in life. Christine uses lino block and monoprint to create works which are informed by her life experiences and explore: the relationship she has with her children who inspire and challenge her creativity, the difficulties of loss after the death of her husband in 2011 and the beauty and inspiration of Australian flora and fauna. 

In 2014, Upton began experimentation with the re-purposing of lino blocks and timber. The result is character filled, uniquely crafted sculptures created with lino blocks and timber. The timbers used to build Christine’s house and the original lino blocks give each sculpture a unique story.

Upton specialises in exploring the printing technique known as Relief Printing and in particular, lino block. She designs, hand carves and hand prints or foot prints in her Corowa studio.

Looking back over her lifetime as a practising artist it is clear that her work has evolved around the exploration of techniques to depict her passions, journeys, and imaginings.

Christine’s passions include native birds and flowers, patterns, and colours. Her journeys include both the physical and the emotional. Her imaginings involve both technical and visual answers to the ‘What if?’ questions of life.

“All of my work involves exploration and play as without these, for me, art would simply become a boring production line that creates visual images.”

Wacky Bird Gallery Corowa is owned and run by Christine.

2020   ‘Inspired by Life’ solo exhibition at Art Partners Australia, Albury, NSW

Exhibiting in over 20 solo exhibitions in Australia, Upton’s artwork has also been selected for group shows at:

Gippsland Art Gallery

Wodonga Arts Space

Albury Regional Gallery

Mullumbimby Art Gallery

Wangaratta Art Gallery

Meat Market Craft Centre, Melbourne

Sydney Opera House

Percy Tucker Gallery, Townsville

Mackay Harrison Galleries, Ballina

Belconnen Art Centre, Canberra.

Benalla Art Gallery

Shepparton Art Gallery

Upton’s Awards include

The Ruth & Max Barry Award, Albury 2006

The Pacific Festival Board Award for Batik, Townsville 1985, 1979

The Judges Award, Pacific Festival Townsville 1983

The Australian Batik Award, Pacific Festival Townsville 1982, 1979, 1978

Jill Crouchman Award for Contemporary Painting, Rusden Art Exhibition Armidale

Arts Students Award for Sculpture, Newcastle National Art School