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October – December 2020

Join Art Partners Australia, David Taylor and Prue Barclay for a unique partnership exhibition, BUSH FIRE RECOVERING. A series of photographs that celebrates the beauty of the bush and documents the amazing regeneration after the 2019-2020 bush fires and the much welcome rain that fell in the aftermath. 

Meg’s Children Nepal is an Australian not-for-profit charitable trust that was established in 2005, whose goal it is to support the upbringing of vulnerable and at-risk children in Nepal by providing for their daily living needs and meeting their right to education. These necessities, and the children’s health and safety, are enabled solely by funds raised through the trust, which is run by volunteers in the Albury-Wodonga district.

Meg’s Children Nepal is named in memory of Meg Ryan who passed away in 2003 as a result of complications from Spina Bifida. When Meg passed away at age 23, she was studying a Bachelor of Education at Charles Sturt University. After Meg’s death, her mother, Trish Ryan made the decision to travel to Nepal to volunteer, and this is how Meg’s Children started.

The exhibition is supported by Art Partners Australia who are donating 10% of all sales, as well as by David Taylor and Prue Barclay, who are donating all of their proceeds from the exhibition to the charity. 

David Taylor is a professional photographer from Albury, NSW with over 25 years’ experience in landscape & aerial photography. David’s love of aerial photography began as a hobby during forays across Australia in his Cessna 210. These days he shoots his images from a four-seater Glasair Sportsman, a tail dragger ideally suited to bush flying. He flies an average of 100 hours a year, crisscrossing the continent at 130 knots and armed with a medium format Phase One camera and Canon 5d SLR.