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Born in 1958 in the Netherlands, Robert Klein-Boonschate moved to Australia with his family in 1971. He studied graphic art at Swinburne College of Technology before setting up a small gallery in Melbourne which focused exclusively on drawing.

Klein-Boonschate then moved Central Australia where he was inspired by the Australian landscape and Indigenous art.  Over the years he has held countless exhibitions in Melbourne, Sydney and across the country. With a deep interest in nature, Klein-Boonschate derives his subject matter from in-depth study and this in turn informs and inspires his paintings, drawings and sculptures. Over his career this has evolve to include an ongoing exploration of his own self-expression which he continues to examine through a multitude of interests and projects.

Klein-Boonschate currently lives and works in his Walla Walla studio, Walla Walla, NSW and in Art Partners Australia studio space.

‘The sheer infinite, enduring complexity of nature inspires the contemplation of mystery which is what I find myself doing. Through art I can participate in the destruction, preservation and creation cycles of nature. The activity of art gives me peace and joy. It is the participation in this relationship that nourishes the soul’.


2010       Murray River Reflections, Gateway Arts Village

2008       Energy Transference, Rushcutters Bay Gallery Sydney

2007       South Australian Sand Dunes, Rushcutters Bay Gallery Sydney

2006       South Australian Sand Dunes, Rushcutters Bay Gallery Sydney

2005       Group show, Horses, Rushcutters Bay Gallery Sydney

2004       Energy Transference Rushcutters Bay Gallery Sydney

2003       Goya Galleries, Melbourne

2003       Central Australian Landscapes, Rushcutters Bay Gallery Sydney

2002       Landscapes, Beehive Gallery Albury

2001       Nudes, Rushcutters Bay Gallery, Sydney

2000       Sculptures, Studio Exhibition Potts Point Sydney

2000       Female Nudes, Rushcutters Bay Gallery Sydney

1999       Sculpture, Robert Global Paddington Sydney

1999       The other You, Desaran Brisbane + Surry Hills

1999       Incantations, A.Rolland Hump Gallery Brisbane + Surry Hills

1999       Self Analysis, Tin Shed Gallery University of Sydney

1999       Figure Drawings, Global Galleries Paddington Sydney

1998       Self Portrait Drawings, Tin Shed Gallery University of Sydney

1997       Urban Landscapes, De Maria Sydney

1997       Infinite Now, Araluen Centre for Arts, Alice Springs NT

1997       Fated Gathering, Watch this Space Gallery, Alice Springs NT

1996       Portraits, Uno Gallery Sydney

1995       Changing Places, Kuala Lumpur National Gallery

1995       From the Heart, Figure and Landscape Studio, Alice Springs

1993       Sculptures, studio exhibition Alice Springs

1993       Landscape Drawings, Price Street Gallery Alice Springs

1992       Landscape Paintings, Sata Tera Sa Community Alice Springs

1992       Unity in Diversity, Chester Street Gallery Adelaide SA

1992       Covenant, The Residence Gallery Alice Springs NT

1991       Rhythm in Chaos, Araluen Centre for Arts Alice Springs

1990       Billy Goat Hill, Araluen Regional Gallery Alice Springs

1989       Observer, Cement Factory Albury

1988       Close up, The Residence Gallery Alice Springs

1988       Sacred Ochres, The Residency NT Museum Gallery Alice Springs

1987       Covenant (with Siamak Fallah), Bookshop Gallery Adelaide

1987       From the Centre, Wodonga Civic Centre, Wodonga

1986       A Rhythm in Chaos, Araluen Regional Art Gallery Alice Springs

1985       Still Observing, Butter Factory Lincoln Causeway Wodonga

1984       Observing Landscape, The Residency NT Museum Alice Springs

1983       From the Centre, Wodonga Civic Centre Wodonga

1982       Oil Paintings, The Residency NT Museum Alice Springs

1981       Coloured Drawings, Twilight Gallery Melbourne

1980       Drawings, Rumbarella Gallery Melbourne

1979       Pencil Drawings, Gustaf Perstits Gallery Albury

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